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Portfolio Advisory Services

Portfolio Advisory Services is a fee-based investment program designed to help you capture market returns and achieve your long-term investment goals. This highly diversified investment approach offers a wide range of asset allocation portfolios strategically built to help accomplish your particular investment objectives.

As your investment adviser representative, our objective is to help you grow your assets and manage long-term risk based on your risk tolerance and personal financial goals. The program uses a belief system based on Nobel Prize-winning financial concepts supported by decades of market research and asset-class data. With this disciplined approach, you can stay invested in the market over the long term.

Portfolio Advisory Services offers:

  • Low-cost institutional asset-class mutual funds
  • An organized investment framework and methodology to potentially capture market returns while managing risk
  • Portfolios structured for your risk tolerance level and time horizon
  • Periodic, disciplined rebalancing as an important risk-management tool
  • Choice of domestically focused portfolios or global core portfolios
  • Ability to aggregate multiple accounts in one portfolio
  • Tax-effective strategies
  • Quarterly performance reporting

    Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.