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Business Owners

We have access to a broad array of record-keeping platforms and the capabilities to assist a company with its retirement plan fiduciary obligations and succession plans.

Our business planning and professional services include:

Retirement Planning

Our experience and technical knowledge of retirement plans allows us to address plan design issues, perform plan and cost analyses, and present custom strategies to fit our clients' personal and business objectives. Covering the full spectrum of corporate retirement plan products, we help clients determine an appropriate strategy for their business, whether that is a 401(k), 403(b), SEP or SIMPLE IRA, defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, or other option.

Succession Planning

We work with clients to create a comprehensive exit strategy so they have a plan for the expected and unexpected. A thorough succession plan can help mitigate taxes, prevent a loss of control over the final disposition of your company, and avoid a decline in the value of a business in the event of the business owner’s death or unexpected disability.

Executive Benefits

Offering a competitive executive benefits plan can attract and retain key executives. We help employers determine and implement appropriate plans, such as executive bonuses, deferred compensation, salary continuation, and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP).

As a privately owned firm, we can offer the benefit of working with a team that understands your situation because we know that business owners have a lot on their plate. Contact us today to see how we can help you worry less about your finances and focus more on what you love.